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The Board of Directors of the Creston Community School District promotes the concept of school facilities serving as a center for community activities. However, the District maintains its facilities primarily for educational purposes for District students, and such purposes shall be granted the highest priority.

For stadium rental, a written application and agreement must be completed by the person or entity wishing to use the stadium in accordance with District Policy. The agreement must be approved by the superintendent or by a designee of the superintendent. If you wish to use Panther Field or the surrounding Panther Stadium facilities, please contact the Activities Office at Creston Community High School and complete the Application for Stadium Use and abide by the conditions outlined in this policy.

Further rental information may be obtained from the Creston Community High School Activities Office at (641) 782-7130 or from the Creston Community School District Central Office at (641) 782-7028. 


1.   Applications for the use of facilities may be obtained at the Activities Office. 

2.   Complete the Application for Use of School Facility request form.  Provide all requested information to avoid unnecessary delays in processing your application. 

3.   Applications for all uses of school facilities shall be submitted to the Activities Office at Creston Community High School.

4.   The Activities Director or Superintendent will make the final decision and assign fees and additional requirements as appropriate.

5.   The application must be received at least seven (7) business days prior to the facility use.  Submission in advance of these dates will not guarantee approval of your application. The District’s fiscal year is July 1st through June 30th. For groups with events spanning two fiscal years, invoices will be separated by fiscal year.  

6.   The certificate of insurance must be received prior to the facility use.



A single application may be made for a series of meetings of like character to be held at the same school facility.  However, separate applications must be submitted for each school facility requested for use.




The applicant shall give at least two (2) business days’ notice to the Activities Office of any cancellation of previously scheduled facility use.  In the case where proper notice is not given, the District may charge for any expenses incurred and cost recovery or rental fees will be assessed. Permits (if necessary):


Applicants are responsible for obtaining any required permits and for satisfying all city, county, state and federal codes and regulations associated with the proposed activities.


The Activities Director possesses the authority to make the final decision on the use of school facilities and the appropriate charges.  However, the applicant may appeal such decision to the Superintendent.



Any group or individual that has applied for the use of Panther Stadium, Panther Field, the track, or surrounding facilities and area agrees to be bound by the following conditions:

1.   Availability of the facilities and/or equipment is contingent upon the activity not interfering with the District's educational and activity program.  I/we understand that the District reserves the right without penalty (but with refund of any prepaid charges) to cancel any agreement to allow my/our use of the facilities and/or equipment.

2.   The use of the facilities and/or equipment will comply with law and the rules of the District.  Failure to do so may result in financial penalties and/or the loss of the privilege to use the facility.

3.   I/we will exercise care in the use of the facilities and/or equipment and agree to compensate the District for any damage done to the facilities or property of the District. The individual representative agrees to reimburse the District in the event the organization fails to make reimbursement.

4.   The activity will be constantly supervised by an adequate number of adult sponsors.

5.  Groups must pick up all garbage after using any of the stadium facilities and surrounding area.

6.  Animals are not allowed in Panther Stadium and are strictly prohibited.  Animals are not allowed on the track, on the Field Turf, or anywhere within the field fencing.

7.   No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, substance paraphernalia, or look-alike substances are allowed on District property. 

8.  No colored sports drinks are allowed on Panther Field.

9.  Smoking and the use of tobacco products are also prohibited on District property. 

10.  Sunflower seeds and gum are prohibited within the fence surrounding the track and Panther Field and on the field itself. 

11.  Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles or similar equipment are not allowed within Panther Stadium, on the track, or on Panther Field.

12.  Turf shoes or molded cleats are suitable for the Field Turf playing surface.  No metal cleats may be worn on the track or Field Turf field.  Shoes must be free of mud or debris before accessing the track and field area.

13.  No golfing, shot putting, javelin or discus throwing are allowed on Panther Field.

14.  Soccer corner flags or any field markers with spikes may not be used on Panther Field.

15.  No stakes, poles, braces, wires, or anchors may be driven into the Field Turf.  Tents are not allowed within the fence surrounding the track and Panther Field.

16.  Chairs or tables may not be used on Panther Field without written permission.  If approved, chair legs must be protected with rubber ends/tips.  Sharp edges of any kind are not allowed.  Team benches must have protective covering on their bases to prevent damage to the turf.

17.  Vehicles other than official school vehicles are not allowed in Panther Stadium, on the track, or on Panther Field.

18.  Teams must access Panther Field using the protective matting placed on the track surface.

19.  Only team and district personnel may be inside the fence surrounding the track and Panther Field during school sanctioned events.

20. Storage of materials or equipment is not permitted on or around the track or Panther Field.

21.  Absolutely no fireworks, lighters, or burning of any kind are allowed in or near Panther Stadium without permission.  Grills or smokers in the concession area are allowed but require formal approval from the Activities Director or Superintendent.

22. The District retains the right to access the facilities and to remove persons from District property.

23. The activity will be confined to the areas approved and no school equipment or supplies will be used except as approved in advance.

24. The activity is not for a commercial profit-making venture or for personal financial gain.

25. No District property shall be altered, moved, or rearranged without District approval.  All property of the organization must be immediately removed.  All trash shall be properly disposed of in accordance with District directions.

26. All charges must be paid in advance if requested or within 30 days of receipt of an invoice.  Payment shall be made to Creston Community School District at the address designated.

27. The organization agrees to indemnify, save and hold harmless the District, its officials, agents, and employees from any and all claims or damages, including attorney fees and expenses, that may arise by reason of the organization’s use of the facilities and/or equipment or arising from any activity thereon by the organization, its officers, agents, employees, or invitees.






Approved 9-17-18 Revised/approved 12-16-19