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The following are the course requirements for students to graduate from Creston Community School District High School:

  1. Social Studies:  Six (6) credits of social studies, including two (2) credits of world history, two (2) credits of American history, and one (1) credit each of government and economics.
  2. Language Arts:  Eight (8) credits.  Four (4) credits must be earned in the area of basic English mechanics and composition.  One (1) credit must be earned in either American Literature or World Literature.  One (1) credit must be earned in another literature course.  Two  (2) credits may be earned in any of the courses listed under language arts.
  3. Mathematics: Six (6) credits. Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.
  4. Science: Six (6) credits. 
  5. Physical Education:  One (1) semester of physical education (.25 credit) per year.
  6. Special Education Classes:  Special education student schedules will be driven by IEP needs.
  7. Student of Service (SOS): One (1) credit.
  8. Financial Literacy: One-half (1/2) credit which may be incorporated into the Social Studies requirement.

Approved 5-16-16 Reviewed/Updated 7-15-19