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The following are the requirements for graduation for students to earn a Creston Community School District High School diploma:

  1. The accumulation of a minimum of Fifty-four (54) credits.  The specific course requirements are outlined elsewhere in the Policy.
  2. A student may be eligible for graduation when the number of credits have been obtained, but not before the end of the third year of high school.
  3. The high school principal/designee shall submit a list of persons eligible for diplomas or certificates of attendance to the Board for approval each year.
  4. Students must have successfully completed the District and state requirements for graduation to be eligible for participation in graduation exercises.  The only exception will be for extenuating circumstances involving unforeseen and unavoidable situations.  Such exceptions may be made at the discretion of the high school principal/designee.
  5. Any student may, after four (4) years of attendance, make-up their failed classes through correspondence work or by returning to school.  When these failed classes have been made-up, the student may receive a regular diploma.
  6. Required courses taken at a post-secondary institution, which are duplicates of courses offered at the Creston Community School District High School, will not count toward graduation requirements unless a course has been previously failed at Creston Community School District High School.

Approved 5-16-16  Reviewed/Updated 7-15-19